Kilka uwag o książce profesora Andrzeja Kisielewicza „Logika i argumentacja. Praktyczny kurs krytycznego myślenia”

  1. Jan Ryszard Sielezin ORCiD: 0000-0002-5552-9863


Several remarks on the book by Professor Andrzej Kisielewicz, Logic and Argumentation. Practical Course in Critical Thinking

Professor Andrzej Kisielewicz’s book concerns active forms and methods of teaching logic, also outside the context of university education. It possesses prac­tical value and may also be an auxiliary material for, among others, high school students. Despite some shortcomings, such as unjustified ascription of the status of hypothesis to statements, a flawed definition of the methodological and epistemological concept of a historical fact, it contains many valuable and original logical propositions pertaining to critical and logical thinking.
Undoubtedly, the book will be useful in education and helpful in introducing teachers and learners to using grammatical and logical rules. It will allow the reader to detect post-truth in the media or the shuffling of premises in argumentation. After implementing indispensable corrections and additions, it should become an obligatory reading — not only in the context of university education.


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Studia Philosophica Wratislaviensia

13, 2018, z. 3

Pages from 71 to 76

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