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Możliwościowe ujęcie logiki praktycznej. Logika bez kantów Andrzeja Kisielewicza

  1. Bartłomiej Skowron ORCiD: 0000-0002-6544-7706


A possibilities-based account of practical logic.Andrzej Kisielewicz’s logic without edges

In this paper I comment on the theses presented in Andrzej Kisielewicz’s book entitled Logic and Argumentation. A Practical Course in Critical Thinking. The author argues that the current way of teaching practical logic is not good, because it is too much based on formal logic. It should be replaced by a comprehensive analysis of reasonable possibilities. I demonstrate that Kisielewicz’s vision of changing the way in which practical logic is taught is a good one. I claim that Kisielewicz proposed a kind of ontologization of logic. I argue that teaching logic and critical thinking need to be complemented by creative thinking techniques. I do not agree with the criticism of traditional logic and formal logic made by Kisielewicz and point out that common sense — so highly valued by Kisielewicz — is deceptive and does not encourage critical thinking.

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Studia Philosophica Wratislaviensia

13, 2018, z. 3

Strony od 95 do 114

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