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Interpretacja dekonstrukcji. Nietzsche, Derrida i styl filozofowania

  1. Jakub Dadlez


Interpretation of deconstruction. Nietzsche, Derrida and the style of philosophy

In 1978 Jacques Derrida published a short text on Friedrich Nietzsche, entitled Spurs. Nietzsche’s Styles. Basing on it and on other of both authors’ writings, the article presents their understanding of truth, conceived metaphorically as a woman. The Nietzschean-Derridian concept of truth involves a mutual style of writing, therefore of thinking — since for the two philosophers language is an impassable sphere of thought. It turns out that philosophy — as an af firmation of the woman-truth — must rely on repeating the existing notions and problems in new configurations, therefore on a continuous interpretation and on undertaking all over again the effort of writing.

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Studia Philosophica Wratislaviensia

13, 2018, z. 1

Strony od 55 do 68

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